The eighth SCO Model interactive game was held in Tashkent

Дата публикации: 15 ноября 2021

As part of the events organized during Uzbekistan’s chairmanship in the SCO, on November 10, the eighth interactive game “SCO Model” was held in Tashkent at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy on the theme: “Peace and prosperity in Central Asia is the main factor in ensuring stability throughout the SCO space”.

The event is timed to coincide with the celebration of World Youth Day and was held in a combined online and offline formats.

The project is being implemented with the support of the SCO Secretariat and is organized by the SCO People’s Diplomacy Center in Uzbekistan, the SCO Youth Platform SCOLAR Network and the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.

The main purpose of the SCO Model is to encourage the interest of young people in the Organization’s activities within the framework of the format of modeling political discussions of summits at the highest level of the SCO member states.

SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov thanked the organizers of the event, noting that the SCO Model expands its geography every year and covers more and more countries, cities and educational institutions.

He also stressed the relevance of the topic, as the heads of State in their declarations repeatedly stressed the importance of Central Asia in the Organization and their readiness to jointly turn Central Asia into a space of stability, security, sustainable development and shared prosperity, which largely depends on achieving peace and socio-economic development in Afghanistan. Therefore, the comprehensive efforts of the countries of the region to involve Afghanistan in regional trade, economic, transport and infrastructure projects are supported within the framework of the SCO, he said.

Youth policy is one of the priorities of the SCO and is aimed at promoting the physical, mental and spiritual development of the young generation, its involvement in large-scale plans for joint development.

The Secretary General expressed confidence that practically significant theses will be announced during the event, which will find their application in the activities of the Organization, Norov stressed.

The SCO Model delegates made proposals to strengthen cooperation and preserve stability in Central Asia. They discussed the final document of the Communique with the proposed initiatives from the delegations.

During the interactive game, initiatives were put forward to organize the SCO Entrepreneurs Forum, the Festival of Traditions and Cultures of the SCO countries, as well as the creation of a Youth Exchange Fund and the SCO Exchange Program for students and teachers.

The interactive game SCO Model demonstrated the growing interest of young people of Uzbekistan in the activities of the Organization aimed at strengthening mutual trust, friendship and good neighborliness between peoples.

At the end of the conference, the winners in the nomination Best Delegate, Best Report were awarded with diplomas of the SCO Secretariat.



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