The SCO called on the parties in Afghanistan to refrain from the use of force

Date of publication: 30 August 2021

As follows from the joint statement of the foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), adopted following the meeting in Dushanbe, the member countries of the Organization stand for a unified and democratic Afghanistan, calling on the parties to the conflict to refrain from the use of force.

“We urge all parties involved in the conflict to refrain from the use of force and actions that can lead to destabilization and unpredictable consequences in the areas of borders with the SCO member states,” the document says.

In addition, the Foreign Ministers advocate the establishment of Afghanistan as an independent, neutral, unified, peaceful, democratic and prosperous State. In their opinion, the achievement of peace and stability in this country “is one of the main factors for ensuring security in the SCO region.”

The Organization is ready to develop cooperation with Afghanistan in the fight against challenges and threats to security in the region, primarily terrorism and drug crime, and jointly resist “double standards” in solving these tasks.

The Ministers confirmed the position of the SCO member states that there is no alternative to resolving the conflict in Afghanistan through political dialogue and the implementation of an inclusive peace process by the Afghans themselves and under the leadership of the Afghans themselves.

Recall that now in Afghanistan there is a confrontation between government forces and the militants of the Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation), who have seized significant territories in rural areas and launched an offensive on major cities. Instability in the republic is growing against the background of the withdrawal of American troops.



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